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Steve Kish The Magician 🎩 

Steve Kish The Magician Hanky Trick 🎩.

Close-up Illusionist:  Steve Kish, "The Magician" is an award winning close-up illusionist and comedy magical entertainer.  A strolling performer, "The Magician" literally "walks around" entertaining four or five people at at time with sleight of hand magic.  He uses cards, coins, rings, bills, and other common objects to do uncommon things while astonishing,                         interacting with, and amusing your guests.  

Stage Magic Show:  Steve performs a family oriented stage magic show that will sincerely amuse all ages.  This show can be performed at in front of fifty to two hundred of your guests, at any venue to include your living room, on a platform in a banquet hall, or on a stage.  Steve performs a full stage show that can be designed to suit your needs.  A typical show includes 45 minutes of interactive magic where the kids become the stars!  Steve Kish "The Magician" offers an astounding performance and unforgettable experience at affordable prices.

Children and Family Entertainment: Steve Kish's "Birthday Party Magic" can make your child's Birthday Party an unforgettable experience.  Often featured at community events, carnivals, and festivals, Steve Kish performs a very unique family show all can enjoy.  

An unforgettable experience!  With a highly energetic performing style, Steve Kish entertains your children and their friends--  Your young guests will be dazzled, amazed, amused and thoroughly entertained.  In Steve Kish's interactive magic show, the kids become the stars! 

The "Mentalist":  Steve Kish's magical entertainment is not just for kids!  Steve Kish has 30 years experience amazing, entertaining, and providing top-notch humor to collegiate audiences with his hilarious show, "Magic of the Mind".  For a more sophisticated, and very funny adult event, solve the mysteries of mental telepathy, intuition, and premonitions.  Full of audience participation, Kish will provide demonstrations in telekinesis, clairvoyance, and precognition.  During one of Kish's shows, everybody gets into the act.  Steve performs a 30-45 minute show full of comedy, magic and mystery and can tailor the performance to suit your needs.

Steve Kish performs "Strolling Magic" in Washington, Virginia.

Steve Kish performs at Massanutten Ski Resort, Virginia.

Steve Kish performs "The Amazing Ring Trick"