Hire a Magician

1. Q. How do I contact Steve Kish? 

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A. The best way is through email: kishsteve@hotmail.com and receive a reply within 24 hours.
(include any additional query you may have, the reason for your interest, the type of event you are planning to include date and time, location, and the number of people who will attend)

2. Q. What do you need for your performance?

A. The show is self-contained. Steve Kish comes prepared and requires very little. For walk around Magic or close-up shows, Steve may require a dressing room. For larger stage shows, Steve Kish will coordinate with the stage manager in advance regarding music cues, lighting, etc... For a Birthday Party, Steve comes ready to entertain and generally begins his show within 10 minutes of arrival. For private parties, it is best to have a good performance area 8x12 feet, elevated if possible, and adequate seating for your guests.   Steve brings his own table and PA system if needed. Steve's wireless mike will plug into existing PA systems.

3. How much do you charge?

A. This depends on the time, location, and venue of your event. There is a base price for a basic performance package and additional charges depending on the distance traveled, lodging, and transportation costs.  Please send an email regarding your event to kishsteve@hotmail.com and Steve Kish will provide a price quote in less than 24 hours. Please some detail to include location of performance, date, venue, and time if feasible.  In this area, you get what you pay for and Steve Kish guarantees a high quality magical experience proven through performance over the last 30 years.

4. Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes, Steve Kish has premises and spectator liability insurance.
That said, Steve Kish has no real danger in his shows and has never had any complaints regarding his show.

5. Q. Do you use live animals?
Q. Do you do balloon animals?
Q. Are you a Clown?
Q. Do you have any dangerous magic with fire?

A. No. Steve Kish is a magical performer who guarantees that your guests will be thoroughly amazed, amused, and entertained. If you are interested in petting zoos, clowns or balloon sculpturists, Steve Kish does not do this sort of entertainment. Steve may juggle and clown around, however, these are bits of business that enhance his magical performance and not the primary attraction of his show. That said, all ages love Steve Kish's performance and booking him is a great compliment to any other entertainment venues you may have planned.

6. Q. How do I book and guarantee Steve Kish's performance?

A. When you decide to book Steve Kish, we will send a standard performance agreement and invoice via
email to guarantee and book the date/time. If overnight travel is involved, Steve Kish requires a deposit for
expenses as appropriate.