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Mark C., Vice president, MVFC writes on 9/5/17:  

"Look no further for a Magician. You have found him...  Hire this illusionist for you event!  You will not be disappointed.  Steve Kish is very professional in appearance, manner and performance.  His act is first class and very entertaining!"

Fire Magic by Steve Kish the Magician 🎩

The Jumping Coin Trick

A glorious curiosity in the unbelievable

Everything's Coming Up Roses - The Magic Flower Trick

"Look no further for a Magician. You have found him...  Hire this illusionist for you event!  You will not be disappointed.  Steve Kish is very professional in appearance, manner and performance.  Steve arrived on time and hit the ground running. His act is first class and very entertaining. Our audience ( a very large one) loved not just the illusions he performed but his interaction with people that made the show more enjoyable and personal for each group he worked with. Steve blended well with everyone and was just a pleasure to work with. .......Bravo!"

“The magician takes the ordinary something and makes it do something extraordinary...”

Steve Kish has 30 years experience performing at Company Gala's and other special events...   
Do you want to reward your employees at your next company party?  
Are you hosting a "Client Appreciation Night"?  
Steve's Magic is an elegant and sophisticated entertainment that can help make your event special.

Steve Kish was probably hired by one of your neighbors to perform at their Halloween Party, Christmas Party, or some other special event.  For adult events, Steve will intertwine Magic, Mentalism, Mystery, and Comedy and is guaranteed to twist your brain.  

“If it's not fun, you're not doing it right.”  

There is always time for a selfie...

A sampling of Steve Kish Close-Up Magic:

How to turn cards into coins $$$

How to make something magically appear from nothing.

Impossible Card Illusion

Magic, Magic, all the world is Magic.

Everything’s coming up roses 🌹

Coin Transposed

Evidence of a misspent youth.

The Amazing Card Trick

Magical Animation 🎩

Matter through Matter

The Whole Thing

The Ball and Vase

The Ring Trick

Spinning Card

Spellbound 🎱

The Hand is Quicker than the Eye 👁

King of Kards

Coin Trick

A Simple Rope Trick

Steve Kish the Magician Close-Up

Magic Wand 🎩

The Magic Time Machine 🎩

Happy Valentine’s day 🌹

Wilting 🥀

❤️♣️♦️♠️ Change

Steve Kish the Magician Entertains!

Steve Kish performs at a holiday party:

Holiday Party Hanky Trick

Straight Jacket 🧥 Escape

Coin and Silk Medley 🎩

Play the cards you’re dealt ♥️♣️♦️♠️🃏

Steve Kish Adult Party Magic Show

Card Tricks 101

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️(5 of 5 Stars)

Lauren B. of Frederick MD writes on 12/18/17: 

Holiday Party Entertainment

“Steve was a great addition to our organizations holiday party! Everyone was blown away by his performance and kept us on our toes! We loved that Steve was able to walk around and entertain our staff casually throughout the event vs having a staged performance.”

Steve has performed at Massanutten Ski-Resort, the Landsdowne Resort, as well as most of the area local Country Clubs (River Creek, Hermitage, The Washington Club, etc…).  Steve performed for the Investors Network and the National Automobile Dealers Association in Virginia among many others for client appreciation nights or special company events.

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️  (5 of 5 Stars)
Laura W. of Damascus, Maryland writes on 10/31/2012:

“Steve recently completed a performance at my adult only Halloween Party. His suggestion was to perform "strolling illusions" and it was simply perfect! Once Steve's availability was confirmed, nothing else was required on my part to ensure this entertainment choice would be a hit. All Steve had to do was show up, which he did promptly! Upon arrival Steve immediately begin entertaining small groups of guests with unique and unbelievable illusions. He even amazed my most doubtful and critical guest! Steve was friendly, professional and highly engaging. He exceeded my highest expectations and would hire him again without a second thought!
Steve, thank you so much for making my Halloween party a hit with all my friends! I can't wait until my next special occasion and what type of performance you might suggest! You will CERTAINLY hear from me when I schedule my next event! Thank you again!”

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