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Halloween Séance Spook Show 👻

Phone:  703-727-4411

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As a dramatic climax to your Halloween party, stage a seance with grim visitors from beyond the grave; it's a thrill you can't forget...
The seance, of course, is purely entertainment and illusion, however, during this show, you may begin to believe in ghosts as Steve Kish weaves magic and illusion into tales of the macabre.  His unique magical entertainment adds a bit of "plausible reality" to the tale and brings the guests into the spirit of the odd occasion.  This sort of entertainment is not for the feint of heart.  This performance is purely "theatrical" and for "entertainment" purposes only. 

This performance art can be tailored to your location and your guests age level.  However, it is not appropriate for young children.  Steve Kish does perform a Halloween themed show (without the scariness) for younger children...