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Danielle H, Washington Parent Magazine, Funville:

"You are absolutely Amazing!  Your show is so engaging and is the best I have seen personally!  The kids in the audience just loved you.  We all agreed what a blessing it was to have you at Funville!"

Sawing the Woman in Half

A card trick ❤️♣️♦️♠️

Smartest Card Trick ❤️♣️♦️♠️

Steve Kish The Magician The Ring Trick

Steve Kish The Magician The Guillotine

Steve Kish The Magician The Ball Trick

Steve Kish The Magician The Strait Jacket Escape

For Adult Events: 

A recent review from Laura of Damascus, MD about Steve Kish "The Magician"...

"Steve recently completed a performance at my adult only Halloween Party. His suggestion was to perform "strolling illusions" and it was simply perfect! Once Steve's availability was confirmed, nothing else was required on my part to ensure this entertainment choice would be a hit. All Steve had to do was sho
w up, which he did promptly!

Upon arrival Steve immediately begin entertaining small groups of guests with unique and unbelievable illusions. He even amazed my most doubtful and critical guest! Steve was friendly, professional and highly engaging. He exceeded my highest expectations and would hire him again without a second thought!

Steve, thank you so much for making my Halloween party a hit with all my friends! I can't wait until my next special occasion and what type of performance you might suggest! You will CERTAINLY hear from me when I schedule my next event!"

Thank you again!

Laura W, Damascus, MD.                                   

For Kids and Family Shows:

Recent reviews about Steve Kish "The Magician" and his Kids and Family Shows:

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️(5 of 5 Stars)

Lesley M. of the Australian Embassy, Washington, D.C. writes on 12/20/17: 

Professional and reliable from start to finish

“I can’t say enough good things about Steve Kish. I had the task of organising the children’s Holiday Party at the Embassy of Australia. We had children from 0-11 plus all of their parents, somehow Steve managed to entertain them all. There was plenty of audience participation, lots of laughs and magic that kept everyone entertained. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Steve Kish, he was an absolute pleasure to work with. I’ll be booking next year’s party very soon.”

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️(5 of 5 Stars)

Kathy B, Entertainment Chairman, SterlingFest writes in 2012:

"Our thanks to you for once again putting on a wonderful show! We know we can always count on you to not only perform some great magic, but also include young people of all ages and backgrounds in your show. We really enjoyed your show, and certainly will be planning to have you make a return appearance next year at SterlingFest. Before you arrived, people were already asking about you,
 and wanting to be sure not to miss your show. You always get a "packed house" for it. Everyone comes away smiling and delighted with it."