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Strolling Magician

“Hurry, hurry, hurry! Step right up, folks. All it takes is part of a dollar. See the greatest, the most colossal, the most stupendous, the most gigantic, the most sensational...  amazing and amusing show of legerdemain on the planet earth...”

Steve Kish The Strolling Magician 🎩 performing at Homefest in Round Hill, Virginia.

Steve Kish Strolling Magician at Fall Festival

Steve Kish Strolling Magician at County Fair

Steve Kish Strolling Magician in Virginia

Steve Kish Performing Strolling Magic

Looking to add a unique and memorable touch to your next event? Steve Kish is a full time professional Magician who has performed strolling magic for 30+ years.  He is an award winning sleight of hand expert who will amaze and entertain.  Make a reservation soon as availability is limited this time of year.   

The magic happens in your guests hands. As interactive as it gets, Kish's entertainment is perfect for small parties in the home, weddings, festivals, special events or large corporate cocktail receptions. Strolling magic is the perfect icebreaker, gets the party started,  You can host the event that people will talk about for weeks.

Steve Kish’s close-up performances are high energy, mysterious, and will twist your brain.  Steve Kish will “work” the room at a reception or “engage” the crowd at an outdoor festival.  Often his performances begin with 2-3 people and end with 30+ crowding around the show.  

His persona is reminiscent of a classic early 20th century showman performing amazing magic, mind-boggling mentalism, and feats of manual dexterity that are fun to watch.  While trained in the classics, Kish's style of Magic is modern, eclectic, and mysterious.   Once the show begins, you soon realize Steve Kish is not a typical tired Magician and you are in for a treat.  This is always a unique entertainment experience that was developed over 30+ yrs of live performances.

Steve Kish has performed 1000's of strolling magic shows for adults, kids, and mixed audiences.  Kish is often booked to work cocktail receptions.  He is a featured performer at many fairs and festivals.  In Virginia, Steve Kish was featured at Sterling Festival, the Loudoun County Fair, the Arlington County Fair, the New Kent County Fair, Franklin-Southhampton Fair, and the Great Frederick Fair in Maryland among many others.  

At most Fairs, Steve performs both Strolling Magic and Stage Shows that are wonderful for the whole family and entertaining for all ages.

Here is a recent review:

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️(5 of 5 Stars)

Mark C., Vice president, MVFC writes on 9/5/17:  Look no further for a Magician. You have found him...

Hire this illusionist for you event!  You will not be disappointed.  Steve Kish is very professional in appearance, manner and performance.  Steve arrived on time and hit the ground running. His act is first class and very entertaining. Our audience ( a very large one) loved not just the illusions he performed but his interaction with people that made the show more enjoyable and personal for each group he worked with. Steve blended well with everyone and was just a pleasure to work with. .......Bravo!

Phone:  703-727-4411

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Strolling Magician

Strolling Magician