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Kish the Medieval Magician 

Steve Kish presents live theatrical magic that appears real! A type of wandering wizard, Kish performs his character as traveling sorcerer and entertainer who travels the world and presents these skills at your renaissance fair!  With 30+ years of fair and festival performance experience, your patrons will be amazed by this unbelievable high energy renaissance fair character!

On stage at fairs and festivals, Kish the Medieval Magician will saw a young damsel in half, put swords through a knight’s head, and demonstrate the danger of an authentic guillotine (no real danger involved).  He will demonstrate thrilling escapes as well as his skill with the dark arts and conjure demons for your festival entertainment to levitate a young lad or lass.

As a strolling Medieval Magician, Kish will mystify as well as keep the crowds laughing.  You will have your mind read, your pocket change will bend in your closed fist, and money will multiply.  With nearly a dozens different fairs under his belt, this magician knows how to hold an audiences attention using old world comedy, amazing magic, and mind boggling mentalism.

Please book in advance as dates and times fill up fast!

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