How does it work? Frequently Asked Questions

How much will you charge for my event?  Please request a quote:  Price Quotes

How long is the show? The show can be up to 60 minutes for a birthday party. Steven Kish is a high energy entertainer and will hold the young audiences interest for up to one hour.  Parents often want Steve to fill an entire hour, the best shows are 30-40 minutes as kids will get restless.

What age is appropriate for your show?  Steve Kish will tailor his performance to the audience.  There are profound differences between 5-6 year olds and 8-10 year olds.  Steve Kish performances are suitable for a family group and all ages. Often adults will watch the whole birthday show and find it hilarious and entertaining.

Do you bring a rabbit?  Yes!  Meet Harry the Rabbit 🐇   Please do not tell the kids so it can be a fun surprise.  Steve Kish has several animal themed routines.  Other than Harry the Rabbit, the “animals” are lifelike that create great reactions from the audience.

What is included in the price?  What do you provide?  Do you twist balloons too?  Please check out:  

What sort of shows do you do?  Please check out:  Types of shows

Do you do shows for teenagers and adults?  Yes, Steve Kish performs different shows for all ages.  Please check out:

Once you decide to go forward and reserve Steve Kish "The Magician," we will ask you for some more information about your event.  The information includes your full name, date/time of show, address of event, phone number, size of audience, and some other basic info.  Then, we will send you a standard performance agreement to confirm you reservation.  Once you reply to this, your date is confirmed.  It is that easy.  For Birthday Parties, Steve Kish does not usually require a deposit.  For Fairs, Festivals, Trade Shows, and other larger events, Steve Kish will require a small deposit to secure the dates. 

Call Steve Kish direct at 703-727-4411 to get your questions answered and make a reservation.  If the line is busy, please leave a message and he will call you back today.  You can also email him direct:

Check availability and price: