Magic Birthday Ideas 🎂 - Preparing for a show - Hosting a Kids Party

Discover the easy way to plan your child's party!

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Sabrina L. of Reston, VA writes on 5/29/2018

"Steve Kish put on a spectacular show!!!  He was on time, extremely professional, and kept us all entertained for the entire duration of the time.  My 5 year old birthday girl, her peers, and even the adults were beyond impressed with Steve’s Tricks!  Thank you Steve for a fantastic show!"

Preparing for a magician

This video will give you some ideas for when you host a Magic Show in your home

Magic Birthday Party Ideas 🎩

Steve Kish the Magician has performed at hundreds of events like yours each year.  He has suggested best practices for your event planning.  

Kids’ Birthday Party Tips & Tricks!  Want some great ideas for children’s parties?

1-2 months prior:  

Book entertainment- Hire a Magician.

Reserve a venue or decide on location.

Make a guest list

3-4 weeks prior:  Decide on a theme and order decorations.  Select party favors.  Send out invitations.

1x week prior:  Confirm your guest count.

Day of event:  Set up balloons, tables, streamers. Make sure your camera is charged! Place food order, such as pizza. Bottled water, snacks, and ice, etc...

Suggested schedule:

-guests arrive

-magic show (best to begin 30 minutes after arrival time as some guests will show up late).

-serve food

-birthday cake 🎂 and ice cream 🍨.

When will I show up? 

I will arrive 30 minutes before showtime to set up. Please have parking available close to your event as I will bring equipment.

Where can you perform your show and what should we set up?

I can perform in your family room, basement, or anywhere the audience has comfortable seating available. Ideally, I set up in a 4x8 foot area with a wall to my back. For seating, it is nice for kids to sit on a designated rug, and good to have chairs in the back for adults. 

So there is no distraction during the show, it is good to put the show in a location where there is no thoroughfare such as a bathroom door. Also, toys and food should be cleared away for showtime. The show can be outdoors under the right weather conditions. If it is over 90 degrees, it would be best to have the show inside.

Below are some easy ideas for decorating a Magic Birthday Party:

Here is where you can order Magic themed stuff goodie bags:

Oriental Trading Company

Party City 

Real Simple Magic Birthday Party