Sales Kickoff Meeting Opener -  Are you looking for ideas for opening session entertainment, activities, and programs that energize the group?  Have you done anything "outside-of-the-box" lately?  If you are looking for an innovative way to begin your next business meeting?  Do you want to gain the attention of your people and motivate them?  Steve Kish the Magician is a motivational way to begin any event.  

There are a thousand and one ideas at least - all of which has special merits but knowing more about the company, it's goal objectives, the makeup of the audience and whether there is a theme for the program- is always important! And what is "cool" for one group, might be too "out of the box" for another! 

Steve Kish's performances are highly interactive, funny, motivational and filled with mind-blowing demonstrations that will leave your audience talking about what they've experienced for days.