Prices and party packages

Birthday Party Special!

Basic Birthday Party Package ($450.) includes:  

-Birthday Party Magic ShowThe best length of time for a kid show is 45 minutes.  Steve Kish can perform 30, 45, or 60 minute shows - they all cost the same.  

Steve Kish brings everything to include a decorative backdrop, tables, props, and a sound system.  

When you hire Steve Kish to perform at your child’s birthday party you get the peace of mind that you are getting a professional, quality, time-tested performer who guarantees to put on a great show.  Steve Kish will work with you to help make your event special.  

 Deluxe Package ($500.) includes: (most people will book this option)

(90 minutes total)

-Basic Magic Show 

(The best shows are 45 minutes- Steve Kish can perform up to 60 minutes and still keep the kids interest!)

-Balloon Animals for 30-45 minutes 

(In 30-45 minutes, every Child will Get a Balloon Animal)

Balloon Animal Special!  Steve Kish "The Magician" can add on balloon twisting for your young guests.  Steve will stay at your event for an additional 30-45 minutes twisting balloons.  In this time period, Steve can usually twist 25-30 balloons.  Steve will twist balloon animals for all of the kids present (there is no limit) during this time period. 

Strolling Magic Shows

(when you book multiple hours, the price goes down) 

$500. for one hour.  

$800. for two hours.

Please contact us for multiple day events.  

Steve Kish is a long time Virginia Association of Fairs (VAF) Member and provides special deals for Virginia fairs.

The above are typical prices than can vary depending on location.  Travel and per diem are added for shows that require overnight travel. 

Ask about special deals and discount prices